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Title Babylon 5
Rating 8/10
Composer Christopher Franke
Label, Year Sonic Images Records, 1995



A lot happens in the first - and possibly best - original soundtrack of the science-fiction TV series Babylon 5. Franke, of “Tangerine Dream” fame, is a true master of his sophisticated electronic equipment, and he uses it for notable compositions. For this CD, he arranged music from four episodes in long suites, just as Hans Zimmer would have liked it, too. However, that may not be the best solution for anyone who wants to access his favorite passages directly. Also, it is difficult to find fair track ratings for such long tracks... 

The superb main theme of the TV series can be heard right at the beginning (and three times more, by the way). What follows are rather freely concatenated atmospherical, astral new age sounds (which are of first-class quality and which I like very much) as well as several fragments of musical ideas, which may range from dramatic to gentle. These musical ideas are not at all always ingenious (e.g. at the end of track 2), but occasionally, they make for a divine combination along with the soundscape, as for example at the end of track 1 (the last three minutes). 

I can recommend this CD to any fan of the TV series and to anyone who is interested in tasty synthesizer music. 


Track Rating

  Title Time  
1 Chrysalis 18:20
2 Mind War 6:12
3 Parliament Of Dreams 18:01
4 The Geometry Of Shadows 15:28


Overall Rating

Criteria Weight Rating
Composition 50% 7
Multitude of themes 10% 7
Continuity 10% 8
Instrumentation 10% 9
Sound quality 10% 9
Score length 10% 8
Final Rating 100% 8/10


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