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Title The Tripods Remix Limited Edition
Rating 7/10
Composer Ken Freeman
Label, Year Gercd 1.2, 1997 (Maxi Single)


The Tripods


The Tripods” was a revolutionary cult TV series by the BBC, and this is a remix maxi single with of parts of the score

Freeman re-arranged parts of his score in a surprisingly new way. He describes this release as a “collectors CD of remixed Tripods tracks”. Ingenious idea to produce such a release, which turns out all-new aspects of the original compositions. I appreciate the re-arrangement of the main theme very much. Too bad this CD did not hit the UK charts, as Freeman's “Oxide/Neutrino garage version” of his Casualty theme did in 2000. 

This CD comes recommended for any hardcore fan of series, or of synthesizer music with a certain “cult” factor. 


Track Rating

  Title Time  
1 Main Theme • Revelation 6:17
2 Eloise • Symphony 4:49
3 Ozymandias • Sunrise 6:35


Overall Rating

Criteria Weight Rating
Selection 30% 7
Instrumentation 15% 7
Performance 25% 7
Sound quality 15% 7
CD length (Maxi) 15% 5
Final Score 100% 7/10


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